Sunday, 22 August 2010


Yet again I need to apologise for my real lack of posts. However I am in the process of launching my new website - photography and creativity! With the launch of the site I will also start blogging this space

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I have a fairly relaxed social life however I have been very busy over the last few weeks and have so many images to process and share with everyone.

I will process the images from London in the next few days and then will work on those images from Spain (the weekend before last) and the images from last weekend (Devon - for Lee's birthday). I will put a few images from each event up as I have taken so many.

The sunsets in Spain were gorgeous and whilst I did not take my Canon camera as it was too bulky to carry all the time, Nick bought me a Lumix camera for my birthday that I can shove in my pocket or handbag (my birthday is a few weeks away so it was an early pressie). It takes fairly good images - not so great at night shots when you need an addiitonal the evening shots are a bit grainy but it is fun to use. I probably have about 6+walks from that long weekend in Spain.

I will get to play catch up and start blogging more frequently..promise


This walk happened weeks ago - and was a very small walk. We were invited to a christening by my friend watch the gorgeous Eliana be christened. Rather than drive all the way to the church we parked a short distance away and walked up the hill.
Unfortunately there was very little to photograph on route and I have photographed sooo many churches for weddings in the past but I got a few snaps.

Waiting in the doorway was Neets' husband Mike - who was greeting everyone . It was a very cold crisp day so he was brave to stand outside all that time.
Photography is limited in the church but the vicar was happy to allow for one person to take images - I was very lucky that Neets requested me to take those images, especially as some of the family members are budding photographers. I captured some lovely images of Eliana - who was so happy. It was a great day and I am looking forward to taking more piccies of Eli as she grows up.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


A few weeks ago Tinks and I went for a walk in Lynsted. We took Lucy and walked for over an hour - apparently I was not walking quick enough!!

I took a few piccies but was not over impressed with any of them to be are a few:

Monday, 15 February 2010

Too busy...

I have been so busy I have not been uploading images or blog content. I have decided to change the photography challenge from a walk and piccies a week to 52 total walks in rather than a walk each week some weeks I will do several walks and none other weeks. This will take away some of the stress I have trying to fit everything in.

Over the next few days I will upload the images from the last few walks and at some stage I will upload images of layouts etc.

Last weekend I went to Jane and Tom's on Saturday - Michele and Ray were down from Scotland for the weekend. We walked along the river and went to Borough market - I got some photos and they will appear on here as soon as I have processed them. We had a lovely lunch at a local pub and then Jane cooked in the evening. (Jane's lounge looked lovely - it was the first time I had seen it completed - good work guys!)

Talking of Jane & Tom..congrats guys on the wedding renewal plans.

On Friday I am off to Spain for 4 days and will see Nick out there - we are staying in Murcia. Tinks is staying home and I have a friend/colleague moving in to stay with Tinks and Lucy.

Catch you all soon.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

52 walks in 2010 - week two

So here are the images from my walk last week. A colleague and I went for a walk during our lunch break as I had not been out in the snow with my camera. By the time I went the snow was cleared from the roads and starting to thaw however the trees still looked great against the white fields.

I will most likely remove the telegraph posts from the images when I get time. Over the next few days I also intend to create scrapbook layouts of the images from each the year end I will have one packed album! The first image is rather dark but I think I like it still.

52 Walks in 2010 - week one

I am very behind in uploading these images but still want to do so....52 walks in 2010 is a photography challenge I have decided to take up for the year. I normally fail miserably at these type of year long challenges but determined to get out in the fresh air with my camera so much more this year. My next challenge is to upload them in the right week rather than get to week 3 with no uploads.

For the first week Tinks and I (plus Lucy) headed off to Seasalter beach - there had been a fine layer of snow. Unfortunately my camera batteries decided to fail after just 8 shots - normally I carry loads of spares but on that day I had literally grabbed said camera and run out of the door - you would think I would know better!
Here are a couple of the images - not great but will do.

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Thought I would start experimenting with the blog today and introduce some backgrounds - thanks Sarah for the link. I will play further and can imagine this blog will be similar to my house...I will re-arrange it frequently.

On the note of my house - I am hoping to finish getting it how I want it this week and then leave well alone and then spend my free time scrapping etc (I may even complete my course and focus on other things!) . I have only completed 6 LO's so far this year - still on track to achieve 200 by the end of the year but I have not done any scrapping this week and have really missed it.

Well it looks like I have to go into work tomorrow - I have not managed to have a single day off with the snow as our company works 24-7 and we get there even if we had to walk - luckily a few 4x4's have prevented us working!

I will probably post again later this week and start putting a slideshow of LOs together. See you all then.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

First Post

Well Jane has persuaded me to activate my blog. Please bear with me though as it may take me a while to get it fully up and running with layouts and reading lists...

I have been very busy today re-arranging aspects of my house - my scrapping stash is being moved downstairs and in the process of doing so I have had to move the kitchen cupboards around and have a general tidy up.