Tuesday, 16 February 2010


A few weeks ago Tinks and I went for a walk in Lynsted. We took Lucy and walked for over an hour - apparently I was not walking quick enough!!

I took a few piccies but was not over impressed with any of them to be are a few:

Monday, 15 February 2010

Too busy...

I have been so busy I have not been uploading images or blog content. I have decided to change the photography challenge from a walk and piccies a week to 52 total walks in rather than a walk each week some weeks I will do several walks and none other weeks. This will take away some of the stress I have trying to fit everything in.

Over the next few days I will upload the images from the last few walks and at some stage I will upload images of layouts etc.

Last weekend I went to Jane and Tom's on Saturday - Michele and Ray were down from Scotland for the weekend. We walked along the river and went to Borough market - I got some photos and they will appear on here as soon as I have processed them. We had a lovely lunch at a local pub and then Jane cooked in the evening. (Jane's lounge looked lovely - it was the first time I had seen it completed - good work guys!)

Talking of Jane & Tom..congrats guys on the wedding renewal plans.

On Friday I am off to Spain for 4 days and will see Nick out there - we are staying in Murcia. Tinks is staying home and I have a friend/colleague moving in to stay with Tinks and Lucy.

Catch you all soon.